About BLU

Simply put, I'm the indie writer's best friend, offering quality editing and other services at a price that won't break the bank!

This is the part where I'm supposed to talk about my accreditations and degrees, but I'm a college dropout, and what's more, I majored in accounting (?!) So, how does an accounting major dropout become a first-class editor, you ask? That's easy...out of necessity! I'm a writer myself, with 16 novels traditionally published before going "indie" back in 2009 (I was actually still under contract at the time). I hit a slump a few years back, and when I was preparing to publish a new book I realized that my

declining book sales didn't allow for me to pay my regular editor. Because I'd always been good in English (I was the spelling champ of P.S. 19 in my hometown of Yonkers, NY), and by this point I certainly knew how to structure a story, I decided to (gasp!) try doing it myself, even if it meant delaying publication by a month to give myself time. (It would have taken longer than that for me to get together the cash to pay my editor.)
I set about reading each line of my story out loud, slowly, making sure there were no missing or extra words, awkward sentences, and processing each part of the story to make sure it flowed well. Like the freelance editors the publishing houses used, I confirmed anything I stated that I wasn't sure about for factual accuracy. I created a style sheet that included names, occupations, type of vehicles drove, and other information to avoid contradicting myself later. When I was satisfied, I published, and not one reviewer complained about the editing. I decided if I could do this for myself, I could do it for others. An editor was born!

I started by registering on a freelancer site and was quickly hired by clients. Within months, my hard work and dedication earned me a Top Rated Freelancer badge. When that site increased their administrative fee, I decided to set up my own website.